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    Why balussery

    Why Balussery?

    • Safe Investment. Balussery is the one and only chit Fund Company Rated Positive by MCRIL in association with MICRORATE, Washington.
    • Total investor Protection. Chits commence only after approval from Registrar of chits, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
    • Minimizes default. Meticulous screening of applications to maintain the quality of clientele.
    • Total transparency in auction proceedings.
    • Standardisation of documents for the disbursement of the prize amount.
    • Personalised service and guidance to subscribers for their financial requirements.
    • Prompt disbursement of payments.


    About us

    Balussery was established in 1947. Our growth over the years has been found on
    providing good value products, backed up by a high quality personal service. This has
    enabled us to fulfill the mission of helping people achieve financial security. We are very
    proud of the fact that the majority of our members benefited from money saved by
    the members themselves!


    Our Values

    Our values help to build a culture of fairness in all our dealings with customers and the
    wider community. We aim to live by these values in everything we do, ensuring that we
    give you the best experience we possibly can.


    • Are passionate about success.
    • Act with integrity and respect.
    • Strive to deliver quality and excellence.
    • Value people as individuals
    • Treating you fairly.


    We believe in providing good value, transparent products and a professional, efficient
    service. We also believe in treating all our customers fairly and we make sure we do this

    • Having well trained, competent and professional staff
    • Encouraging all our staff to embrace our core values in their behavior
    • Providing plans that meet the needs of our customers
    • Keeping our customers properly informed before, during and after they take a chit plan with Balussery
    • Complying fully with the letter and spirit of all relevant legislation and codes of practice
    • Insisting that all our communications and promotions are clear, fair and not misleading
    • Monitoring our operations through comprehensive measures and controls.